Caldema Sand Collector

This is an inertial separator pre-collector impurity replacing cyclones, multi-cyclones and spark eliminators used in boilers that burn biomass. The main advantages are: low pressure drop, minimum maintenance, reduced abrasion of the heat exchangers in the gas circuit - economizer and pre-heater - and reduce emissions of particulates. 

In the sugar-energy sector due to the mechanization of harvesting and elimination of sugar cane washing to remove impurities, there was a significant increase in the volume of fly ash, directly interfering in the boiler operating conditions and durability of parts this equipment. 

To minimize this problem, Caldema offers CSC - "Caldema Sand Collector" which brings to the market state of the art pre-gatherers of impurities present in flue gas systems. 

The CSC may be installed at the outlet of the tubular beam / evaporator, increasing the useful life of the economizer and pre-heater tubes, in addition to gas pipelines. The material collected in the CSC contains inorganic ash and unburned carbon, which can be re - injected into the furnace, reducing the consumption of biomass in the boiler. 

In other sectors such as pulp / paper, power generation and food, where burning biomass use of sleeves or electrostatic precipitator’s filters, it is essential to eliminate incandescent sparks before such equipment. The CSC replaces with advantages the conventional spark capture equipment.

The operating principle is simple and highly effective. Vertical baffles arranged rows are installed in a triangular arrangement with internal locks where the combustion gases as they pass by deflectors are required to direction changes. Impurities are directed to the center of the deflectors and the shock, fall by gravity into the lower collection spout. 

The collection of impurities occurs at the exit of the tube bundle (evaporator) and not at the outlet of the economizer or the air pre-heater: higher durability of the air pre-heater tubes and economizer assurance and removal of the tubes from clogging problem pre-heater when the quality of biomass (fuel) worsens significantly. 

High durability: As the gas velocity is low, the baffles have a higher durability. CSC installed already show that the wear is minimal. 
Saving space in the layout of the installation: Generally cyclones or multi-cyclones require much space in the layout, increasing the total length of the boiler. 
When - as an alternative - are installed under the pre-heater air and economizer, just raising the height of the structure, damaging the arrangement of ducts. The consequences are decreased heat transfer in the tube bundle and increase the speed of the gases at critical points in the product output, since the gas is directed upward before entering the pre-heater of air. 
Soot capture system operates more efficiently: As the larger particles of impurities are retained by the CSC end equipment of soot capture - scrubber, baghouse or electrostatic precipitator working with fewer loads and can meet the limits of particulate emissions with greater clearance. 
High efficiency: expected efficiency greater than 90% for collecting particulate matter smaller particle size.
Low pressure drop on the gas side: While the collection by cyclones or multi-cyclones systems have loss of load of approximately 100 mmca in CSC loss is always below 25 mmca. This means less power consumed in the exhaust.
Reduction of water consumption in systems with gas washer: With the installation of the CSC, the dry runs, the volume of water required in capturing soot wet method will be reduced providing savings and improved system soot water treatment.
Economical maintenance and easy access: the materials are easy to find on the market and maintenance does not require skilled labor.

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