Boiler Monodrum AMD

The boilers AMD - Water tube Monodrum® have a large combustion chamber which allows burning in suspension without the drag of unburned particles and are equipped with a pin-hole, rotating or vibrating grates. They are provided with a single steam caisson installed outside the gas circuit, the superheated and the evaporator, both convective and drainable installed in a cavity at the rear of the furnace, without the incidence of light radiation. AMD boilers allow safer starts and stops with water level control stability in caisson and high operational reliability.
Backing For the base or the top.
Capacity Up to 420,000 kg / hr.
Temperature Steam Final 560ºC.
Operating Pressure Up to 150 kgf / cm².
Fuels Sugarcane bagasse, chopped straw, wood chips, oil and gas, coal and biomass with up to 54% humidity.
Type Grate Pin-hole, rotating or vibrating.
Ash removal Through wet or dry.
Operation Natural circulation and balanced draft.