Boiler Monodrum Smart

The Monodrum® Smart boiler project arose from the constant search for improvements pioneer Monodrum® boilers, and is characterized by a more modern conception of design, with no drainable super heater radiant pending coils and installed in the upper part of the boiler furnace. Pre air heater is of the horizontal type with the external gas to the tubes and provided in separate modules for ease of maintenance, while the colder ends of the tubes there is a protection system to prevent condensation of gases (“dew point").

  • Boilers able to be complemented with Regenerative Cycle;
  • Horizontal type air heater, external gas tubes and independent modules to facilitate and reduce maintenance costs;
  •  Tertiary air system for better efficiency and emission reduction;
  • Grid under air distribution system with injection of the wings ;
  • CSC system "Caldema Sand Collector " ,particulate removal prior to the heat recovery;
  • Modular economizer for easy maintenance.
Backing Base or top suported
Capacity Up to 400,000 kg / h.
Temperature Steam Final 560ºC.
Fuels Sugarcane bagasse, chopped straw, wood chips, oil and gas, coal and biomass with up to 54% humidity.
Type Grate Pin-hole, rotating or vibrating.
Ash removal Through wet or dry.
Operation Efficiency PCI More than 88%.

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