Boilers APU

The AUP boilers have two drums and mechanically prepared beam tubes and are supported by metal frame through hangers that allow a downward expansion of all the pressure parts. The ends of the evaporator tubes are reamed in the caissons steam and water, allowing cross-flow of the gases in a single pass. 

The APU boilers have a large furnace and a secondary air system sized to maintain a portion of the fuel burned in suspension. 

The heat exchangers, comprising the economizer and pre air heater are installed in the circuit of hot gases to recover this heat to heat the feed water and combustion air, thereby contributing to increased unit efficiency. 

The tower stairs and the various levels of platforms, allow access to all the operational needs of the steam generator, with convenience and security for the operation and maintenance personnel.
B acking Top suported.
Capacity Up to 250 kg / h.
Temperature Steam Final Up to 530 ° C.
Operating Pressure Up to 65 kgf / cm².
Fuels Sugarcane bagasse, chopped straw, wood chips, oil and gas, coal and other biomass with up to 54% humidity.
Type Grate Pin-hole, rotating or vibrating.
Grey withdrawal Through wet or dry.
Operation Natural circulation and balanced draft.