Boilers CFW

The Bubbling Fluidized Bed Boilers CFW, are designed and manufactured by Caldema under the Amec Foster Wheeler ™ license, which holds worldwide prestige in this type of boiler for the many units already delivered and in operation around the world.

The CFW boilers are especially suitable for burning with high moisture content fuel and can operate conveniently in a range from 28% to 60% moisture and 99.7% combustion efficiency. With the reduced unburned fuel, and a high efficiency of heat recovery from waste gases, the heat efficiency of the PCI is more than 90%. 

The "Step Grid", which distinguishes the fluidized bed of Amec Foster Wheeler ™ allows jets of high-pressure air and high kinetic energy fluidized the sand contained in the lower portion of the furnace, which is coated with special high resistance’s refractory concrete that protects Moorhen boiler walls and maintaining the temperature of the sand at 850C, which is controlled by the recirculation of inert gases coming from a recirculation fan specially designed for this function. 

Unlike other types of bed, the "Step Grid" is integrated into the natural circulation system of the boiler, favoring the bed temperature control and eliminating the use of expansion joints.
Capacity 40 t / h to 400 t / h of steam.
Operating Pressure Up to 150 kgf / cm².
Temperature Steam Final Up to 560ºC.
Backing For the base or the top.
Drainage Bed Taken through nozzles with large dimensions that allow the passage of possibly formed agglomerates due to fuel properties, and stones and metals that come with the fuel.
Ash removal For dry or wet, depending on the local legislation and environmental requirements.
Operation By natural circulation inside the furnace tubes of the downcomers and "Step Grid" and balanced draft in the furnace.

Grate Fired Steam Generators:

Caldema has signed with Foster Wheeler a license for grate fired boilers burning biomass and/or coal, for operating
pressure up to 193 kgf/cm². We offer a wide range of high efficiency Steam Generators, ready to meet several
industrial energy needs. With then, we are able supply cost effective equipment able to make steam and energy from a
wide range of biomass and coal. Our grate fired steam generators offer ability to burn various fuels at the same equipment, easy operation, low maintenance cost and low auxiliary equipment energy consumption. Depending on the fuel and other customer needs, our steam generators can be supplied with water-cooled or air-cooled vibrating grate, flat pinhole grate or continuous ash discharge travelling grate.
Capacity 30 t / h to 370 t / h of steam.
Operating Pressure Up to 197 kgf / cm².
Temperature Steam Final Up to 560ºC.
Backing Bottom or the top.
Fuels Sugarcane bagasse, coal, wood and wood waste.
Grate Type Pinhole, travelling or vibrating. 
Operation By natural circulation and balance draft.